Send by Phone

Steps to send money by phone:

  1. Call 1866-815-6027 and select the language
  2. To send money press number 1
  3. Enter your PIN (Secret Key)
  4. Choose the beneficiary
  5. Select the amount to send, then press star
  6. Enter your PIN to confirm the transfer
  7. Get the transfer/wire number to give it to your family member

Steps to check the status of a wire transfer

  1. Call 1866-815-6027 and choose the language of your preference
  2. To check the status of your transaction press 2
  3. Enter your PIN (secret key)
  4. Choose the beneficiary
  5. You will receive your detail transaction statement

Status list of wires transfer

  • Available - ready for the beneficiary to collect the wire transfer
  • Processing - the transaction is in process (1 hour or less from your transaction by phone)
  • Paid - Remittance was paid to your beneficiary

In case of cancellation

  • Refund request - cancellation of transaction in process **
  • Available to refund - cancellation of transaction has been approved, reimbursement available for withdraw at any Curaçao Financial kiosk
  • Paid reimbursement - completed refund

** If the transaction has been collected, the refund will not be available.